Global Journal of Animal Law

ISSN 2341-8168

Editor's Foreword

The purpose of the Global Journal of Animal Law (GJAL) is to bring together legal academics and experts to present, develop and promote human understanding of animals (non-humans) status in legal orders. The aim is also to offer a base for the networking of animal law researchers, students and other interested parties.

GJAL is to be established in 2012 as an Internet-based semi-annual publication and its first issue was published in June 2013. The GJAL is offered as a public service by Åbo Akademi University Department of Law, Finland.

Initially, the objective is to define legal approaches to non-humans in different legal orders and to analyze the legal status of animals and the effectiveness of the law within these systems. Authors are invited to submit their manuscripts for the next issue to the Editor at the latest by 31 March 2016. The next issue will be published in June 2016. For more details, see Submissions & Contacts.

Analyses of the impact of different approaches on the interpretation and enforcement of law are also needed. Therefore, other principal themes in future issues will be The Interpretation of Laws Concerning Non-Humans and The Enforcement of Animal Law and Compliances in Animal Matters. The principal themes are presented in Figure 1 below.

Principal themes for the first issues 
of the GJAL

The purpose of the GJAL is to publish peer-reviewed, high quality articles, commentaries and notes on current topics of animal law written by legal scholars and practitioners. Each issue will also include a summary of the previous number of GJAL and consequently of the current situation of animal law globally.

As GJAL is in the process of being established, we are open to proposals for ways to develop the journal and also ideas for co-operation or interesting themes for the issues in the future. Please feel free to share the information about GJAL to your own contacts and network members. We gladly welcome new writers and peer-reviewers to the journal.

Looking forward to receiving interesting articles to benefit non-humans around the world.

Anna Birgitta Wahlberg

Åbo Akademi University/Department of Law
Gezeliusgatan 2
20500 Åbo